When You Need Top Quality Legal Representation in Orangeburg

Without warning, you can find yourself in the middle of a legal battle that can have a major impact on your life for years to come.  Like people in every other community in America, residents of Orangeburg can face a variety of issues that can undermine their quality of life.  Those who don’t take steps […]

Why You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbia

Are you dealing with a work injury or other type of personal injury in Columbia, South Carolina? Were you or a loved one hurt in an accident? Allow The Stanley Law Group and our team of personal injury lawyers to help you to get the compensation that you deserve. We have years of experience helping […]

Why You Should Hire an Injury Lawyer if You’ve Been Hurt Due to Someone Else’s Negligence

In Orangeburg, you simply can’t protect yourself against every possible threat to your safety.  There are dozens and dozens of ways you could get hurt from being in a car accident, to falling down a flight of stairs, being bitten by a dog, or having an unsafe product malfunction. Sometimes, nobody is at fault because […]

Columbia, South Carolina Law Firm

If you have become the victim of an accident in South Carolina, you need experienced legal counsel from a Columbia law firm, such as The Stanley Law Group. Our team of legal professionals are committed to helping you achieve the results that you deserve after your injuries. We have experience in representing those that have […]

Motorcycle Riders Accept a Certain Level of Risk on the Open Road

If you ride a motorcycle in Orangeburg, then you know the joys that come from hitting the open road.  You also are aware of how little protection you have and that if you’re in a motorcycle accident. You could be facing serious injuries ranging from road rash and broken bones, to back, neck, and head […]